Who can become a Frixis member? 

To become a member in the capacity of a natural or legal person, one must be engaged in one of the activities in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pumps, be registered with a Belgian crossroads bank for enterprises, and be in compliance with the social and fiscal laws in force. 

Category A1 and/or A2 members - Refrigeration installers 

They must have the necessary legal certificates/attestations related to the field and/or department. 

Category A3 members - Air conditioning/heat pump installers 

They must hold a certificate of professional competence to practice the profession of installer of air conditioning and/or heat pumps 

Category B1 or B3 members - Suppliers of refrigeration components and gases 

They must be suppliers with at least one official agency of components or equipment for service, which are part of the mechanical or control part of a refrigeration system. 

Category B2 members - Suppliers of air conditioning 

They must be suppliers affiliated with at least one official air handling equipment or ice water production agency with a good reputation. 

The special promotions category 

This groups any natural or legal person who has contacts with Frixis. For example: Engineering offices, suppliers of related products, professors, retirees, experts, ... 

The end-user category 

This category groups the end customers, owners or users of refrigeration or air handling equipment. They can enjoy useful info as users.